Funerals are an important part of the church's work and our leaders visit families to discuss the details of the service and offer comfort and support both before and after the funeral.

Each funeral and each death is different. You might feel numb at first then a mixture of grief, gratitude, joy and anger - perhaps all mixed together.  You might be hurting with the tragedy of an unexpected death, or perhaps you are grateful for a long and fruitful life.

Funerals can raise profound personal questions about the meaning of life and death, which is perfectly normal.  There may not be much time around the funeral to properly reflect on these matters, but you can come back to them later and talk to one of the leaders at Christ Church.

We do not have a burial ground at Christ Church, though we do have a consecrated area for the internment of ashes.

Please contact Dave Johnston in the first instance.  Sue Gilder also conducts funerals, as well as leading our bereavement support groups.