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Newsletter Summer 2017

Men's Breakfast with Stuart Fitch of MAF, the impact of Pentecost, the talk by Rev John Dunnett on sexuality and relationships, and more...

Summer 2017

Noticesheet 23 July 2017

Join us for All Age Worship during summer holidays. There will be activities for children run by Becky and Deanna.

23 July 2017
Video of Easter Service 2017

News Oh Happy Day - This was Easter 2017

He is risen! What an amazing Sunday it was celebrating what Jesus did for us...

Oh Happy Day - This was Easter 2017

Noticesheet 16 July 2017

Join us at SIXPM for BBQ and worship, the last one this term

16 July 2017

Noticesheet 9 July 2017

Find out more about our events during New Wine at Home from 23rd July- 27th July. All welcome to join!

9 July 2017

Newsletter Easter 2017

Promises, Promises... the resurrection is the ultimate proof that God delivers on his promises; the meaning of the Sabbath; Men's Breakfast coming soon; and more...

Easter 2017

Audio Compassion

Paul Endersby | 2 July 2017


Audio Giving and Serving

Ann Smith | 25 June 2017

Giving and Serving

Noticesheet 2 July 2017

Join us for Holiday at Home planning meeting on 1st August. Come and help us plan for the event.

2 July 2017

Noticesheet 25 June 2017

Next Sunday is the Foodbank collection. Thank you all for your generosity. 

25 June 2017

Noticesheet 18 June 2017

Join us this Sunday for a sale of African Crafts in support for the Two Bridges School in Uganda.

18 June 2017

Newsletter Christmas 2016

Christmas Angels - Dave Johnston asks who the 'dirty shepherds' in our community today are, and whether we are prepared to welcome them this Christmas; and reports on When Faith Gets Shaken, engage, Foodbank, Ladies' Breakfast and more

Christmas 2016

Newsletter Autumn 2016

Deanna Murray describes a visit to Lee Abbey Youth Camp, an interview with new Churchwarden Renate Tulloh, Katy Haig and Charles Hemming-Clark write about their trip to Tanzania, and more...

Autumn 2016

Audio Pentecost

Dave Johnston | 4 June 2017


Audio Prayer

Dave Johnston | 28 May2017


Audio The Ascension

Steven Thompson | 21 May 2017

The Ascension

Newsletter Summer 2016

Music that builds the church - Adrian Dobbs sets out his thoughts on music and worship. Also, Dave Johnston writes about the prayer week, Jacqui Smith has some thoughts for midsummer and James Leavy and Deanna Murray give an update on Engage.

Summer 2016

Audio The Trap

Dave Johnston | 14 May 2017

The Trap

Audio The Cross

Paul Endersby | 7 May 2017

The Cross

Noticesheet 11 June 2017

All ladies join us next Saturday at 9am for a breakfast and a chat.

11 June 2017

Audio Childlike Faith

Dave Johnstone | 30 April 2017

Childlike Faith
Engage Football

News Football Night for Years 6 to 9

New Football evening for years 6 -9.  Every other Wednesday in term time.  

Football Night for Years 6 to 9

Noticesheet 4 June 2017

Next Sunday is the Foodbank collection. Thank you all for your donations.

4 June 2017

Audio The Road

Ann Smith | 23 April 2017

The Road
Sister Jossi

News Inspired by a Chislehurst Nun

So what makes Sister so interesting and easy to talk to? I suppose wearing a habit is an outward sign of an inward decision. To sacrifice some of the freedoms we take for granted – and for Sister – she made that decision at the age of 15 and is still faithfully serving as a nun.

Inspired by a Chislehurst Nun

Audio The Beginning

Dave Johnston | 16 April 2017

The Beginning

News Celebrating Jesus as the Light of the World on Halloween

Shrieks of glee filled Christ Church on Saturday as dozens of children enjoyed the Light Fantastic Party

Celebrating Jesus as the Light of the World on Halloween

Newsletter September/October 2015

Read about Dave's Induction, Pals, Painting Working Party, Liz and Kyle and SoulSurivor

September/October 2015

Audio The Turn

Dave Johnston | 2 April 2017

The Turn

Audio The Approach

Steven Thompson | 26 March 2017

The Approach

Audio The Stain

Dave Johnston | 19 March 2017

The Stain

Audio The Temple

Colin Brown | 9 April 2017

The Temple

Audio The Waiting

Sue Gilder | 12 March2017

The Waiting

News Dave Johnston appointed as vicar of Christ Church

We are pleased to announce that the Reverend Dave Johnston has been appointed as the new vicar of Christ Church.

Dave Johnston appointed as vicar of Christ Church

Audio The Power

Cath Johnston | 5 March 2017

The Power

Audio The Rest

Dave Johnston | 26 February 2017

The Rest

Audio The Healing

Ann Smith | 19 February 2017

The Healing

Audio The Dance

Dave Johnston | 5 February 2017

The Dance

Audio Wisdom of Solomon

Ann Smith | 22 January 2017

Wisdom of Solomon

Audio The Early Life of Jesus

Paul Endersby | 15 January 2017

The Early Life of Jesus

Audio The Centurion's Faith

Dave Johnston | 11 December 2016

The Centurion's Faith

Audio Hannah waits

Cath Johnston | 4 December 2016

Hannah waits

Audio Jonah

Dave Johnston | 20 November 2016


Audio Peacemakers

Paul Endersby | 13 November 2016


Audio Daniel- counter culture

Dave Johnston | 16 October 2016

Daniel- counter culture

Audio An Abundant Life

Dave Johnston | 2 October 2016

An Abundant Life

Audio Growing in Humility

Steven Thompson | 18 September 2016

Growing in Humility

Audio The Lost Son

John Dunnett, CPAS | 25 September 2016

The Lost Son

Audio Growing in Giving

Dave Johnston | 11 September 2016

Growing in Giving

Audio Spiritual Gifts

Ann Smith | 4 September 2016

Spiritual Gifts

Audio Growing in Witness

Dave Johnston | 21 August 2016

Growing in Witness
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News Bulletins

Audio Growing in Service

Steven Thompson | 7 August 2016

Growing in Service
Audio Recordings

Audio Recordings

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Audio Recordings
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Audio Growing in Fellowship

Colin Brown | 31 July 2016

Growing in Fellowship

Audio Growing in Prayer

Ann Smith | 24 July 2016

Growing in Prayer