Mission Partners

Christ Church is particularly associated with the mission partners listed below, and in many cases we support individuals who work with those partners.  More from our mission partner co-ordinators Gustav Togobo and Kissy Agyeman-Togobo who write: “We love people, love to learn about different cultures and countries and want to help wherever we can.  We're constantly learning about the different ways in which ordinary people who are connected to Christ Church in some way have an extraordinary impact upon the lives of so many through servant-leadership."

Footsteps (Barbara Huntley at Christ Church)

Overseas Missionary Felowship (David and Ros Dykema in Singapore; Dave in the Far East)  

Mission Aviation Fellowship (Stuart and Ruth Fitch in Johannesburg, South Africa)

Church Mission Society (David and Heather Sharland in Arua, Uganda)

Church Army (Mark Russell in Sheffield, UK)

Bible Society (Joan Ruthven at Christ Church)

Falcon Camps (Sue Gilder at Christ Church)

Nsumbi Trust (Pastor Stephen Jota in Kampala, Uganda, and Paul Endersby at Christ Church)

Operation Save Jamaica and Jalawelo (Tony and Nadine Piper from Christ Church, now in Jamaica)

Kintsugi Hope Diane and Patrick Regan OBE lead support for those with mental and emotional health challenges 

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