Noticesheet 14 February 2016

Design our Easter Services Card - Competition time

14 February 2016

News Design Our Easter Graphics!

Are you cReAtiVE? Does Easter mean something to you? Then why not participate in our art competition to create the Christ Church Easter graphic!!!

Design Our Easter Graphics!

Event Engage Lock in (Years 6 - 13)

Engage youth group have a 13 hour lock in at church. Games, crafts, films, pizzas and sleep (er...maybe).  More here.

Engage Lock in (Years 6 - 13)

Event Marriage Prep Course

Starting a six Wednesday evening course for couple considering marriage in church.  More here.

Marriage Prep Course
Sister Jossi

News Inspired by a Chislehurst Nun

So what makes Sister so interesting and easy to talk to? I suppose wearing a habit is an outward sign of an inward decision. To sacrifice some of the freedoms we take for granted – and for Sister – she made that decision at the age of 15 and is still faithfully serving as a nun.

Inspired by a Chislehurst Nun


Dave and Cath Johnston

Dave and Cath Johnston give you a very warm welcome to Christ Church Chislehurst. Dave is the vicar and Cath is Assistant Head at a school in South London. They have three boys, a large cat and small dog. We hope you enjoy worshipping with us and look forward to getting to know you more. Please have a look through our website and see all the exciting opportunities there are in our church community.

Life at Christ Church