A friend in need is a friend we feed! We collect provisions in Christ Church on the first Sunday of each month at the 9.00am and 10.45am services. These are taken to the Bromley Foodbank which operates under the Trussell  Trust.

The Foodbank has five outlets, including the United Reformed Church in Widmore Road, which is where we take donations made to Christ Church.  Social services and other agencies issue vouchers to those in real need, maybe because their benefits have been delayed, or perhaps they have debt problems.  The vouchers are then exchanged at the Foodbank for food packs which last up to four days.  

Please give non-perishable items with long sell-by dates.  The packs are made up under guidelines from a nutritionist and items outside the guidelines are considered "extras" - things like sauces (brown or tomato), stock cubes, flour, super noodles, crisps, nuts, fruit or herbal teas.  Clients often come by public transport so adding lots of extras isn't always an option, so extras can cause storage problems at the Foodbank.  So its best to concentrate on donating items that the Foodbank tells us from time to time are in particular need.  We know they're always grateful.  At the moment, these are:

  • Food and drink: UHT milk, fruit juice (long life), sponge puddings, squash, pasta sauce, coffee, cold meat, sweets,  and 'bags for life'.  At the moment we don't need pasta, soups, baked beans or cereals as we're over supplied.
  • Hygiene and cleaning products: washing powder (small packets), deodorant, shaving foam, shampoo, ladies sanitary wear, shower gel, disposable nappies (size 4, 5 or 6), toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet rolls and other cleaning agents.

Some people may wish to donate money (which can be Gift Aided) or their time. Both are needed. More from our co-ordinator Paul Williamson

Foodbanks can be an emotive subject but the reality is that there are many families who are unable to cope, and this is a life line for them. Jesus taught us to be compassionate, which must be at the centre of our faith.

To find more, watch this short video: