New Wine at Home | 23-27 July

All are welcome to join us for New Wine at Home from 23rd-27th July, 10am-4pm. We hope to stream some of the sessions to give you a flavour as well as to have some fun and fellowship together.

New Wine at Home | 23-27 July

Holiday at Home | 22-24 August

Join us for activities each day, plus lunch. Plenty of relaxation too. It'll be a great time, especially for older folk at home during the day.

Holiday at Home | 22-24 August

News Two Bridges Uganda

We're supporting this educational initiative in Uganda, where Harriet and John bring innovative education to 180 children. Donate here.  More from Paul Endersby

Two Bridges Uganda
Engage Football

News Football Night for Years 6 to 9

New Football evening for years 6 -9.  Every other Wednesday in term time.  

Football Night for Years 6 to 9


Dave and Cath Johnston

Dave and Cath Johnston give you a very warm welcome to Christ Church Chislehurst. Dave is the vicar and Cath is Assistant Head at a school in South London. They have three boys, a large cat and small dog. We hope you enjoy worshipping with us and look forward to getting to know you more. Please have a look through our website and see all the exciting opportunities there are in our church community.

Life at Christ Church