Engage is for those in Years 6 to 13. We have a huge variety of clubs throughout the week which we hope you and your child will enjoy. If you have any questions please do get in touch with Jacob, our youth minister.

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Friday Club (Years 6 - 11)

From 6pm – 7:30pm, non-surprisingly on a Friday is our community youth group. Packed with different games, activities and themed nights it is a great place to chill out with your friends. Once a month we have a time where we head into the Church to reflect on the Christian Faith and we have a tuck shop so don't forget to bring a little bit of money.

SundayAM (Years 6 - 11)

We start the morning in the main Church service, and just before the sermon starts, we head upstairs to the loft (it's not actually a loft, it's a nice comfy room upstairs with sofas!). We play games, and look at the Christian faith together.

Check out the Sunday AM Flyer.


Strive (Years 6 - 13)

Strive is a great place to come and chill out, play games and explore faith. We start at 6pm with dinner together and then have look at the Christian faith, through videos, discussions and games. This group is super chilled out and open to all! (6pm - 7:30pm)



"Working with Purpose. Proclaiming Freedom. To know the Fullness of God."

Purpose: In all our work we strive to do our best. God gave us his best in Jesus and we want to give the young people our best in everything we do.

Freedom: Earthly pressures impose upon young people from all sides. Yet through joining God’s family we are liberated from these pressures, and we can find true freedom.

Fullness of God: We hope and pray that the young people with whom we work with, will one day know God for themselves. We hope though that they will not just know God through knowledge, but know Him in Spirit and in Truth.

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