Prayer Diary

Prayer Diary

There's a monthly cycle of prayer in church during 2019.  All are welcome at the gatherings. 

January Thursday 17th 7.30 The World, by continent

February Saturday 9th 9.30-11.30 NHS,GPs, hospitals, hospices,

March Saturday 9th 9.30-11.30 Education: preschool, primary, secondary, adult and further education

April Saturday 13th 9.30-11.30 Our Mission partners

May Sunday 12th 6pm Government: local councillors, MPs

June Saturday 8th 9.30-11.30 Thy Kingdom Come 

July Saturday 13th 2-5 Prayer Walk in the parish

August Saturday 10th 2-4 Prayer walk in the church

September Sunday 15th 6pm Youth and children's work

October Thursday 10th 7.30-9.30 Environment: creation, planet ,climate

November Saturday 16th 9.30-11.30 Business and finance

December Sunday 8th 6pm Homeless

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