PCC Meeting Summary - 18 Oct 17

Chair: Dave Johnston

Discussion points:

Values from PCC Away Day in July

The values for CC which were decided upon at the PCC Away Day (love and compassion; commitment; integrity, trust and respect; generosity; and openness) were discussed and it was agreed to pursue these values and put them into further practice within the church family and in the community beyond.

Youth ministry

It was agreed to advertise for a youth minister later this year with a view to an appointment next Spring subject to sufficient funds being available. The PCC are asking the congregation to commit to funding the appointment, at least until the loan to the Diocese is paid in full- June 2018.

Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults

Further training will take place in November which all PCC members are obliged to attend.

Finance and fabric report

Our treasurer Oli forecast that income and expenditure should break even by the year end based on certain assumptions. However, it is known that further costs will be incurred by various repair and maintenance issues around the building

A new contract for energy supplies has led to reduced energy costs this year.

The repairs to the vestry have been paid for apart from one final invoice of around £400.

Repairs over the church door have been paid for.

Income has been less than expected but this has been offset by lower expenditure.

Gift aid has not yet been claimed for any of 2017.

List of ongoing and future repairs and maintenance

work on trees, heating repairs, flat roof etc

Estimation of the costs involved here would be good


Rob Monteith and two other members of the congregation are going to help Marc Maier with the website.

Date of next meeting: 29.11.17

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