Meet Kissy Agyeman-Togobo and Gustav Togobo

This is Gustav & Kissy who are the Mission Partner Coordinators at Christ Church.  “We love people, love to learn about different cultures and countries and want to help wherever we can.  When we were approached by Dave to take on this role, it just felt like God had connected the dots, a bit like Him asking ‘what do you have in your hands?’.

"We hope to do our very best in this role.  We're constantly learning about the different ways in which ordinary people who are connected to Christ Church in some way have an extraordinary impact upon the lives of so many through servant-leadership. There is a certain boldness, zeal, tenacity and passion which each of the Mission Partners have, which is little short of inspirational. We see God at work, the same way that He asked Moses "what is that in your hand? And he  said 'a staff' " (Exodus 4v2). It's such a privilege to work with the Mission Partners and we look forward to seeing what impact they will continue to have on others around them and around the world."

More on Mission Partners here.

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